How it works

Landing Clearing & Dirt Work

You’re wanting to manage your land appropriately, but what are the next steps? To help you understand our process, please review the following description of our process. 


Make Contact

The first step to getting started is to make contact! Please contact us to get an estimate and scope of work. Once we understand your goals and expectations, we’ll schedule a visit.


Site Visit

This is a crucial step to the success of your land management efforts. Bobcat Services of Texas will visit your property to determine how much of your goals we can properly achieve. At this time we’ll be able to give a proper scope-of-work/estimate for your land clearing or other services requested.


Agree on Terms

Once we have a better understanding of the scope-of-work, Bobcat Services of Texas and the Client will establish a service agreement to protect both us and our customers.


Schedule & Mobilize

We’ve agreed to the terms of service and now we’re ready to schedule the work. Based on availability and weather, we will schedule your work in the order it was received. We’ll begin to mobilize our equipment to your property and start on the job. 


Begin Work

Our operators will work with the landowners to ensure their goals and expectations are met throughout the process. Bobcat Services of Texas will coordinate with the Client to make sure they are aware of any issues or any unknowns that come up during the services performed. 

Ready to get started?

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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